“Man can be defeated but cannot be destroyed”, Earnest Hemingway 

Every one of us goes through highs and lows in life but not all can cope with failures and frustration in the same way. Some start afresh, some lose confidence. If you feel down and depressed for any reason, our centre for change and motivation empowers you to regain happiness and self-confidence. After you undergo motivational training and transformation at our club, you will feel an overwhelming change from within – it is actually the power of motivation and confidence that make you believe in your ability. 

What Makes You Suffer

“Failure is the pillar of success” – many of us parrot those words but only a few really believe it. A single failure – it could be major or even minor – destroys your self-confidence. You fail to recognize your potentials and some of you, eventually become fall prey to bad addiction. Success and failure are encompassing terms and happen in both personal and professional life. That is why, we conduct individual session for motivation at our centres for change

Relationship issues, divorce, breakup, problems at workplaces or the likes may make you feel depressed and disturbed. Irrespective of the source of depression, persisting melancholy brings your life to almost a standstill. This is the situation when you need to join reputed centres for change in order to rebound with energy and confidence that you lost due to your problems.

Motivation works like a magic but the process of feeling motivated is time consuming. It is like discovering the light at the end of the tunnel. Once you discover the power of motivation, there is no looking back; you are prepared to brace everything to go ahead. The Mantra of Motivation is an addiction but a good one. 

Experts at our centre for change and motivation will personally talk to you, address your issue and motivate you through scientifically designed step-by-step process. You will experience a mystic and magical feel and the results will remain with you throughout your life. 



We dream to make everyone in this world feel happy. A cohesive coexistence is possible only if we feel contented from within. Our thoughtfully designed motivational program and one-to-one personal approach are meant to make you feel motivated and contented and thus, turn this world into a better place for living. At the end of the clubroom session at our centre for motivation change, you will scream out ‘Yes, I can do’ and that is the transformation we want to see in you.

Benefits to Enjoy

Our motivational program helps you reclaim confidence in yourself. We deal a lot of problems in real life. Not all of them we find easy to solve. Our self-confidence and self-esteem often dip after a failure or a series of failure. If you feel any such problem, reach out to us at our foundation for change; we are a friend, philosopher and guide always at your beck and call. 

We talk to you in details to find out what is holding you and how to take you out of depression and darkness. We have done that for many people and will feel happy to help you overcome your negativities. At our foundation for change – we train your mind for meaningful and powerful transformation. Enrol in our motivational session and feel the changes yourself! 

Your problems could be anything listed below:

  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Relationship issues 
  • Heart-break after breakup 

Or anything else

The motivational program at our foundation for change consists of 2-month individual session to deal with each problem. Our experts have practical experience of dealing with the problem in their own life or helping others. Therefore, they are the best persons to guide you through the crisis. A few steps can change your life and discover the powerful ‘YOU’ within. 

Join us, experience the difference!

If this session doesn’t work for you we provide 100% Money back guarantee. No question asked.

Our Reviews

We have conducted more than 300 clubroom and 100 one 2 one sessions and got great results in the participants . Many regular/chain smokers have quit smoking , Many got over their bad relationship/breakup . Many people got over depression. Here are some of the reviews .

Niladri Majumdar Niladri Majumdar

I was always in search of an platform where people can share their emotion and share the pain through which you are going instead of posting fake enthusiasm in social media. Great work Guys.

Srabani Paul Srabani Paul

So far it is going well. I hope that I will be able to get over my breakup

Kajol nath Kajol nath

Whenever I got depressed I used to come here and every time I came here I got new perspective of life. Now I never feel depressed anymore. I can not show how much grateful I am to the host Soumik Da and other people of the group.