4 signs that might make you want to break up with your partner


Starting a relationship is one thing, maintaining it is quite another. It’s important for both partners to chip in a lot of effort in order to maintain the relationship. And a large chunk of the efforts includes making compromises from both ends. 

However, things don’t always work out the way you want them to be. And if you are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, this post might help you out. Here, we have listed four signs that you may look out for in order to come to the conclusion that you need to break up with your partner. 

1. Your partner spends less time with you

One of the strongest indications that your partner is being less interested in you is that he or she is spending less time with you. It goes without saying that all of us have a strong and unapologetic desire to spend time with the person we truly love or are genuinely interested in. 

However, if you find that your partner is spending less time with you than before, it can be a strong indication of the fact that he or she is moving toward a different path. 

2. Your partner dominates you

In many cases, relationships tend to be abusive and physically dangerous as one of the partners turns out to be abusive or dominating. If you find out that your partner has been dominating you verbally or physically, it’s a strong sign that the relationship isn’t going to end well. 

Many professional centres for change and motivation encourage people in abusive relationships to quit and let go of their abusive partners.

3. Your partner ghosts out on you

In many cases and relationships, one partner tends to ghost out on the other. Ghosting out is basically abruptly stopping to call or even text the partner for a brief period of time. If you find out that your partner has been ghosting out on you lately, it’s a strong indication that he or she is talking to some other new people. 

Make sure to talk to your partner about this in order to fully understand what is going on with him or her. If the response isn’t valid or relatable, it’s a strong sign that you need to end the relationship instead of dragging it to be a pile of mess. 

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4. Your partner doesn’t approve of your goals

Relationships where one partner is not supportive of the goals of another usually don’t work out for the long run. This is because a healthy relationship is one where both partners support each other in order to reach life goals. 

If you have several healthy goals but your partner does not approve of them, it’s a strong sign that he or she doesn’t want you to be happy in life. As such, it’s best to let go of such a partner and end the relationship for good. 

After quitting such a relationship, it’s worth joining a centre for motivation and change in order to get professional help in building up the motivation to work on your goals and achieve them. 

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