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inbreed depression

What is inbreeding Depression?

A centre for change cures people who have genetic issues due to inbreeding depression. Inbreeding depression is a condition in ...
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quit alcohol

How to Quit Alcohol

Quitting alcohol is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either. With the right mindset and properly planned steps, anyone can ...
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How to get over a breakup: 4 tips

When it comes to parting ways with your partner, things are easier said than done. In all actuality, it’s quite ...
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Why Quitting Smoking Is Challenging? 

Trying to quit smoking is like making new year resolutions. You make resolutions every year but hardly fulfill them. However, ...
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4 signs that might make you want to break up with your partner

Starting a relationship is one thing, maintaining it is quite another. It’s important for both partners to chip in a ...
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How to choose the right centre for change and motivation: 4 tips

Choosing the right centre for change and motivation is simple. However, it is important to weigh in several factors that ...
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motivational lesson

5 actionable steps to change your life with motivation lessons

Being motivated or staying inspired all the time is not possible, especially if you are going through one or more ...
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red amazon danbo on brown wooden surface

do’s and don’ts AFTER BREAKUP

Breakups can be hard. During a breakup, our thought processes become so complicated that we tend to make bad decisions ...
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person with nose ring smoking

How to Quit smoking

If you ever felt like you are having health-related problems like smoking or you have tried quitting smoking or you ...
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photo of man leaning on wooden table

How to deal with Anxiety

Now a days anxiety is very much common problem for all stages of people. Due to covid 19 it also ...
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