do’s and don’ts AFTER BREAKUP

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Breakups can be hard. During a breakup, our thought processes become so complicated that we tend to make bad decisions without even knowing it. Our analysis power goes haywire and we make a lot of mistakes. 

Today, I want to share some Dos and Don’ts after a breakup. 


  • Taking Care of Yourself:
    During a relationship, it was obvious that you had to take care of many things and probably you didn’t get enough time to take care of yourself. So, now is the perfect time to take care of your health, mind and body. 
  • Get a Hobby:
    Now that you have some spare time in hand, you can pick up a hobby you wished for. 
  • Keep Yourself Busy:
    You will feel a void after a breakup and you have to feel the void with the right kind of things which makes you good about yourself.


  • Avoid Alcohol:
    In this time of crisis, people tend to go to bars and drink and try to forget things. A lot of bad things can happen due to this. The breakup healing process gets disrupted. You may do drunk texting/calling which can cause damage to your self-respect when you come to realize that you have made a blunder the next morning. 
  • Avoid Smoking:
    You have to remember one thing that if a relationship ends that doesn’t mean that you have to burn your lungs out. It can cause a severe psychological problem at a later stage. 
  • Avoid Hookups and Rebounds:
    Probably the worst mistake of all is to do hookup/rebound. It makes you weak from an emotional point of view. You lose self-respect. Also in some cases, your current rebound partner may get heartbroken when she comes to realize she/he was just a rebound. 

Avoid these mistakes to properly heal yourself from a breakup. Sometimes it’s hard and even after trying you are stuck. We can help you through sessions where we interact with you talk to your problem and solve it in a way that suits you the best. To enrol yourself in our session click below.  

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