How to deal with Anxiety

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Now a days anxiety is very much common problem for all stages of people. Due to covid 19 it also largely affected in teenagers as well as medium aged people. It is a very much natural. But when the feeling of anxiety is more than your limit and you don’t handle it also in hurts/disturbs yourself and it might also cause a serious problem.  It ruins your daily activities, concentration, and effectiveness.

what is anxiety? How to deal with anxiety? and what are the main cause of anxiety? These Are the most common questions of all.  Let’s starts the discussion with that basic questions.

What is anxiety?

What will happen in your life in future, what happened if you do something which you don’t want to do. This type of fear, worry, uncertainties are general type of anxiety attack.  If this fear worry and uncertainties goes beyond than that you must take a help of consultant.

What are the symptoms?

  • Irritations, disturbance
  • restlessness
  • Afraid to do anything
  • Panicking
  • Feeling too helpless, hopeless

How to deal with anxiety?

Many remedies are effective for general cases of anxiety. First you try with some easy but effective way.

  • Take a certain break with your routine activity.
  • Do meditation & yoga
  • Try to replace with those activities which are anxious for you.
  • Do that thing which makes you feel  happy
  • Talk and discuss with your close one.

Preliminary parts of various types of disorders are anxiety attack. But all are curable. Take a proper step will completely feel you better. First you work on general remedies. if you think you need a Consultation then obvious it guaranteed that it will help you more efficiently.

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