How to Handle Breakup

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One of the most common question asked after breakup is How to handle it ? Sometime Situations are not aligned with our expectation in a relationship. Things go wrong ,conflict arise and you end up in a broken relationship.

Breakup happens due to 3 main reason

  • High expectation
  • Relationship taken for granted
  • Situation dependent

Breakup can be mutual or one sided . One sided breakup may seem easy to get over with but psychological complication arises in both the situation. You can’t stop thinking about your ex. You go to a bar and drink too much, dunk call/text and regret next day . You realizes that the situation have gone out of control.

However the situation might be there are always way to overcome any situation. We have paved some simple steps. You follow the steps and can overcome the situation very easily.
The steps are


Self Reflection
Identify your weak points
Forgive and forget


Keep yourself busy
Use this time to improve yourself mentally and physically
Focus on things you like (except your ex ofcourse)
Work on your weakness

Overcome the breakup

Breakup handling is not a one day job. Its a process and it takes time and patience to recover. However easy the steps might seem It needs patience and time to heal the pain. We need to Understand one thing that wee need to discover the new version yourself within which is far more meaningful than just getting over a breakup.

At Motivation Club we do handholding in our clubroom/one 2 one session and provide real life experience advisor to help you throughout the sessions and provide real meaning of getting over a breakup .

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