How to Quit smoking

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If you ever felt like you are having health-related problems like smoking or you have tried quitting smoking or you are taking a step forward to stop smoking You have come to the right place.

I know it is tough for some people to quit smoking but believe me you are not alone in this journey. There are so many people who have tried quitting smoking and failed. There is a specific reason behind their failure. All of them tried to quit smoking in just one day or in just a few days. This is the most common and major mistake of all.

It nearly took millions if not billions of years to grow from a single cell to a whole human body. So, our body is accustomed to slow changes only. It cannot take any drastic changes. Try to think of the day you started smoking. Did you smoke a whole pack of cigarettes in one day? Definitely not right. You started with one puff which eventually went to a whole pack.

So, we have to reverse engineer this. You can start reducing the number of cigarettes by just one each week. For example, you skip the after-lunch cigarette for one week. And maintain this skip without fail. Next week you have to skip one more. Thus, you can go from a whole pack to zero.

I understand the fact that the formula may look very easy and simple but implementing this formula in real life can be a real challenge. The first few cigarettes will get easily removed but consistency is the real game. For some people going up to zero may seem very difficult.

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